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About us

It all started in 1993 when our designer Andreas was in the 3rd grade. He took a field trip with his class to learn about the surrounding forest. Suddenly Andreas came face to face with a moose, which was extremely rare considering the school was located on an island. This marked the beginning of his huge fascination with moose.

Two "Moose on the Loose" on their way to the Tromsø island. This is from July 2014. Photo: Cato Caspersen.

Moose on the Loose (MOTL) as a character and concept started as a modest idea in 2001. A few sketches later, it suddenly took off and before a single shirt was sold the colorful Moose had more than 10,000 fans on the fan page on Facebook ( The result was Moose on the Loose AS (Stock company) which was established 10.10 o´clock. Today we have sold 12.000 t-shirts through our website and stores, over 4,000 people have heard our presentations, the entrepreneur was nominated for this year's Tromsøværing (a city in northern part of Norway – ended with an impressive third place).

Moose on the Loose as it was drewed in the frensh book in 2001.

After a fantastic response, already eight months before the premiere, decided MOTL, in collaboration with MAS (the design store of the year 2009), to have a little pre-premiere which took place 21. November 2010. MAS wanted100 t-shirts, but received 300 t-shirts with full right of return on the remaining. When the doors opened at 09:30 and then were already 30 people in line outside who wanted to get hold of a copy of this already much-discussed Moose shirt. All t-shirts were sold out first day! Three weeks later, 14. December came a new shipment of 450 t-shirts - all of them were also sold already before Christmas. In total, during a few days,we sold1300 t-shirts through MAS and our website; / .com. Today we have passed impressive 15,000 fans.

An old family photo of the family Moose on the Loose from 1889.

As kind of a "mile stone" has Moose on the Loose already been counterfeited in Greece. This comes with a bitter sweet feeling, however we choose to look at it as we have done something right. 

Counterfeit Moose on the Loose in Greece.

There are many who have become aware of the moose and its history and we have become sought as a speaker and has been invited to tell his story both as a presenter and as a lecturer all over Norway. In total, more than 5,000 people have heard my presentations and lectures.

We have been well noticed and have clearly made an impression when we were nominated for this year's Tromsøværing 2010, organized by the newspaper iTromsø, where I ended on a fantastic third place! Also the local cultural life in Tromsø has been impressed by the Moose. The oldest school revue in Norway, Brageiaden, has in fact created a sketch about him. In 2011 was Andreas rewarded "Hugo Boss Icon of Success" and in 2014 he won the prize as "Peoples Entrepreneur" voted by the people.

Andreas Nilsen  as "Peoples Entrepreneur 2013".

There are also many who have managed to make hold of a copy of the Moose shirts; Knut Nærum, Bjørn Kjos, Håvard Lillheie, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, Per Kristian Foss, Petter Northug, Jon Almaas, Jo Nesbø, Grace Kelly and the entire team to Team Lisa Stokke - to name a few.

Eleven stores have already been selling our products, and more have expressed interest, but are still hesitant because they only let in established brands. This is to be focused on during the first year - establishing brand Moose on the Loose in Norway before the road runs through the Scandinavian countries and the world.

It has happened a lot exciting already and we are looking forward to the continuing.

If you have questions, comments, feedback or maybe you want to sell our products at your store, well then send us an email to

Org.number 996 166 015
Name/Company name Moose on the Loose AS
Org. number 996 166 015
Organization Stock Company

Businessaddr Holtveien 23, 9012 Tromsø, NORWAY

Phonenr +47 97 18 12 13
Municipality Tromsø